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Whiplash Treatment

A Common Form of Auto Accident Injury

If you were recently in a car accident, a stiff painful neck accompanied by headaches, facial pain and other unpleasant symptoms should alert you to the possibility that you have sustained whiplash. This debilitating condition may occur from a variety of injuries, but is seen quite commonly in auto accident injury cases. Your symptoms may progress, limiting your ability to enjoy life and perform basic everyday tasks, unless you seek treatment to correct the underlying physical damage to your neck and cervical spine. Here at Genesis Rehabilitation & Sports Clinic, our Toronto chiropractor can provide drug-free, non-surgical whiplash treatment to relieve your pain and stiffness naturally.

The term "whiplash" refers to the whip-like motion forced on the neck by a sudden impact to the body. The weight of the skull throws the head forward violently, putting considerable stress on the vertebrae, discs, and tissues of the neck. A rebound force then throws that same weight backward, doubling the stress and damage to the cervical area. This type of auto accident injury typically includes torn muscles, subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae), and bulging or herniated discs in the neck. Our chiropractor in Toronto notes, however, that whiplash does not occur only as an auto accident injury; it can also occur in conjunction with a sports or workplace injury.

Auto accident injury victims come to our Toronto chiropractor complaining of many different symptoms. The most common problem is muscular pain and stiffness that limits head and neck motion. This problem may stem from a combination of muscle damage and herniated discs pressing on cervical nerve roots. The latter can cause many kinds of referred pain and other symptoms as well, ranging from facial and jaw pain to headaches, vision problems, tinnitus, and shoulder or arm pain.

Drug-Free, Non-Invasive Whiplash Treatment

Our chiropractor in Toronto must evaluate your neck injury thoroughly to pinpoint the precise nature of the damage before prescribing whiplash treatment. Many patients will benefit from spinal adjustments designed to free impinged nerves and help herniated discs reorient themselves in the spinal column. Relief from nerve pressure can bring dramatic relief from many whiplash symptoms, and multiple sessions with our Toronto chiropractor will give the discs a chance to heal correctly while also relieving uneven stress on injured muscles.

Even if you do not have pain immediately after your accident, you should receive a chiropractic evaluation from our chiropractor in Toronto as soon as possible. Whiplash damage can lurk for a period of time without displaying obvious symptoms, during which time further damage can occur. Our Toronto chiropractor can check for signs of injury and perform whiplash treatment to help you avoid these complications.

We encourage area residents suffering from whiplash to contact our chiropractor in Toronto today to schedule a consultation and evaluation. Prompt attention and treatment from Dr. Palmer or Dr. McCrae could make a dramatic difference in your quality of life!

The Effects of Whiplash

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