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OptoGait - Gait Analysis System

System for gait analysis

Optogait is a state of the art system of analysis that brings a proven philosophy of assessment to injury prevention and rehabilitation. Classically, contact gait analysis has been precise, informative, and costly. This last attribute has limited its use to large biomechanical institutes. To control costs, simple contact pads have been employed. Contact pads, however, cannot assess dynamic motion. Optogait’s innovative design affords doctors, therapists, and researchers the ability to become their own high-tech laboratories; contact analysis is now affordable and portable.

Optogait makes it possible to:

  • assess performance and physical condition
  • rapidly identify any muscular deficiencies and measure tolerance to various workloads
  • develop customized and diversified training/rehabilitation based on the test results
  • periodically check the results and the effectiveness of treatment
  • create a database of subjects
  • motivate subject by providing tangible evidence of progress

Effective Biomechanical Evaluation is as easy as:


Learn more about the Optogait system at the official website

One meter system on treadmill One meter system on floor  Larger installations of five meter or plus

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