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Alpha Stim

Alpha Stim Technology Adds Another Dimension to Pain Relief

Chronic pain hurts. Severe injury and acute traumatic pain can be debilitating. Both types of pain can also cause depression, anxiety and sleeplessness which, in turn, makes the pain worse. Then there is the stress of having to live with pain, but the associated loss of mobility and function, and the possible interruption of normal life patterns.

A new method of treatment, microcurrent electrical therapy (MET), can break the cycle and has provided continuing relief through a hand-held device that quickly and easily delivers non-invasive treatment directly to the pain site.

Alpha Stim Provides Controlled Relief

The benefits of Alpha Stim therapy are recognized by U.S. military medical practitioners, and the devices are used at more than 90 veterans hospitals. In addition, the head athletic trainer for the Dallas Cowboys notes that Alpha Stim technology "remains at the forefront of electromedicine."

Independent clinical research has verified the effectiveness and lasting results, and both patient and physician surveys confirm satisfaction levels. After as few as five treatments, 71% of respondents reported significantly less pain. Satisfaction increases as use continues over a longer period of time, and functionality of painful areas increases proportionally.

Another Tool in the Arsenal

Genesis Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic views Alpha Stim as another tool in the comprehensive lineup of beneficial treatments available today for patient treatment. It is an exciting era. It is our goal to determine the root cause of pain and formulate a plan to encourage relief and healing. We treat the whole person, however, and we use every means at our disposal.

Our caring chiropractic practice is equipped to deal with necessary rehabilitation procedures for concussion, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and spinal injuries. We offer a full range of non-invasive treatments, including massage therapy, and laser therapy. We also employ the OptoGait analysis system, and we would be happy to discuss any of these available options with you.

We Put You in Control

We firmly believe in partnering with our patients for maximum benefit. In addition to the treatments performed by our professional clinicians and therapists, we believe that devices such as Alpha Stim offer you more personal control over your pain. It also helps alleviate associated symptoms, of headache, insomnia, depression, anxiety and stress.

Because the sensation of pain is transmitted to the brain along neural pathways, the low-level electrical manipulation at the point of the pain "short-circuits" the transmission. As a therapeutic option, Alpha Stim is non-invasive, drug-free, totally non-addictive, and virtually risk free with a less than 1% complications rate. It is also suitable for elderly patients and for those with compromised organ function, as well as for drug resistant patients.

Alpha Stim has been accepted worldwide as a treatment option, another example of beneficial technology used in conjunction with modern therapy for promotion of wellness.

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